Preface & Project Overview
White Elephant Finance is an ecosystem built on Solana Network. The ecosystem is consist of Phant Token, PhantArcade, SolPhant NFT, Launchpad, PhantDEX and PhantSwap.
Our aim is to offer these essentials to everyone who interacts in our platform. This will offer convinience and ease of use.
New projects looking to build in the Solana Network can use our Launchpad Program to build and grow in the Solana Network; and launch their token in our dex and swap. We will provide a pool for them. We could also provide developers via Alimango Studio.

What we offer.

  • DEX/Swap by Serum
    • An onchain order book by Serum. You can trade permissionless using your wallet sticking to crypto idea of decentralization. This will be integrated in PhantArcade.
  • Pooling and Staking

    • We will launch our a staking and pooling protocol once the smart contract is audited. This will reward USDC instead of Token.
  • PhantArcade (Gaming Portal)
    • Launch as many P/E Games as we can in this portal and players can play any game using our token.
  • Phant Token
    • PNT is the token of White Elephant Finance.
    • Only 500,000,000 was minted. Half of which was locked after minting.
  • Launchpad
    • This will help people to get into Solana Network easier while offering them a platform to launch their project.
  • P2P Exchange and Wallet
    • With on ramp fiat to crypto and vice versa function via P2P for faster and efficient on ramp.

What we want to achieve.

  • Create an ecosystem that would compliment all products in our platform.
  • Bring in more Crypto participants from the Philippines, Souteast Asia and Greater Asia.
  • Produce more WEB3 developers that could compete globally.