Revenue Stream
How we will finance the operations
Since the Team does not have Token allocation, a few critics are asking why.
We will break down the possible source of income for the team and the reason why they forgo the Token Allocation.
The center for our revenue would rely on the transaction fees generated by:
  • The Games: The portal will generate income via transaction fee and spread in the exchange.
  • P2P exchange: A minimal fee on both seller and buyer will be charged by the platform.
  • NFT Market Place: Any artist who wants to launch their NFT will have to pay hosting fee.
  • Launchpad Fee: Any project that wishes to use our launchpad will have to pay a certain percentage from the money raised.
  • Project Consulting (token minting, advising, dex listing, etc), Project Marketing and Launching.
  • Percentage from hosting Serum DEX.
  • Advertising
  • Game Development and other software development studio.
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