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Our NFT will play a role in the Ecosystem as key to our products and means of passive income for holders. Holders can stake it on several pools that we will create and get tokens in return. We will release 3 versions of the NFT. A. Reptile, Earth and Regular B. Mecha, Humanoid C. The last would be a special edition and would not feature a regular elephant but a more streamlined and aggressive design. This is for the game character in our planned mmorpg. USE CASE: 1. Pass Key for the Trading botTrading Bot 2. Stake to earn from poolsStaking & Pooling 3. Play to Earn Credits see Arcade Portal ARCADE PORTAL 4. Metaverse and MMORPG Characters Road Map We plan to release the V1 this February after we launch our portal. We will create a pool so holders can stake the V1 of our NFT. Fees generated from the portal will be shared to the community via staking the NFT and our token. As much as possible, we find ways to provide passive income for the community. Another use case we plan to release are the bots, we are launching several bot to help our community in their crypto trading. We will release a sniper bot and trading bot. These bots can only be opened using the V1 NFT. The trading bot is currently being tested, we will release this once we are satisfied with the result we will open a portal for the bot.
For our agri simulation game, these NFT's would also be used to stake for transaction mining. They will share the income of the game via a pool that we will create. For V2 NFT will be a character for our Rougelike game. The game will have a RPG feel thus the NFt will play as the character in the game. For V3 NFT this will be our metaverse characters. Currently this project is being designed and planned. The release date for this NFT would be on Q1-Q2 2023 right after we alpha test our metaverse.
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